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Our Team

We are speaking German, English and Thai. Please visit us or simply call us. We are happy to assist and support you in our field of expertise.

Our Services

In addition to the total and today very time consuming visa administration, international ticketing and the consulting regarding health and travel insurance, we also offer to our clients officially approved translations of all documents in many languages.

For Swiss, German and Thai citizens, who plan to get married in a district office in Thailand, we offer an overall service package that provides a quick and simple marriage, including taxi transfer, escort to the district office and all necessary documents.

In addition, we and our lawyer support you when you apply for a yearly visa for Thailand. Clients who definitely want to settle down here in Thailand will also get good and sound advice.

The number of new customers that come to us due to recommendations from previous clients is constantly increasing. We interpret that as a good and sure sign of general satisfaction of our customers. This represents a solid foundation of trust for the steady expansion of our services.


Our History

helping point was founded 1st of September, 2000. It started up as a small agency in a hotel room in Bangkok. Since then, the company has step by step developed into a general "Service Center" and in doing so, successfully established itself in Thailand and the German speaking countries (D-A-CH).

Since 2012 we also offer our services to German and Austrian citizens.