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General Terms and Conditions

§1 Scope of Conditions
For the services and offerings of Marcel Peter Co. Ltd., hereinafter called
swiss helping point, these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply. With the order of the services these conditions shall be deemed accepted.

§2 Offer and Conclusion of Contract
1. The services of
swiss helping point are subject to change and non-binding.
2. The information on (services and prices) represents guidelines only and is not a warranty.

3. By placing an order, you make a binding contract. Orders are binding for swiss helping point. A contract will be accomplished after our written order confirmation by e-mail which we will send upon receipt of your order.

§3 Target Dates, Order Fulfillment
1. The entry dates of your guest / spouse may vary. It depends on the required processing time of the competent authorities that work at your case. Information about possible entry dates are guidelines only and do not constitute a guarantee.
2. The granting of a visa is at the sole discretion of the competent Embassy and the competent authorities.
swiss helping point has no effect on the grant of visas and does not provide any guarantees.

§4 Shipping Costs
Shipping costs for tickets, documents etc. will be charged separately depending on the mode of shipping.

§5 Prices
All prices are listed in CHF or EUR however, without the Thai value added tax of 7% (VAT), without any airline surcharges and without the embassy fees.
All prices are subject to change.

§6 Payment
Orders are started only after payment. For our full-service packages (Holiday- / Marriage Package) we require a deposit. The amount of the required deposit can be seen in the e-mail order confirmation. You have the following payment options:
1. Bank Transfer
For money transfer our bank details can be seen on the order confirmation e-mail.
2. Cash on spot
Payment is due on spot in cash after consultation but before execution.
3. Credit Card on spot
Use your credit card for payment. We accept MASTERCARD and VISA. Payment is due on spot in cash after consultation but before execution.

§7 Terms of Redemptions
If the visa application gets rejected by the authorities, even after two requests, or the customer withdraws the order, following conditions apply: The following items get deducted from your deposit: 7% VAT, our processing fee CHF 322. - / € 322, the cost of travel insurance (Swiss citizens, see § 8), transfer fees. The refund of the balance gets paid either in cash on the spot or gets paid directly to the bank account of your choice. Any bank charges are to be borne by the customer. Advance payments / balances must be reclaimed to swiss helping point at least 2 years after your payment to swiss helping point. Otherwise, any claim for refund expires.

§8 Premium Refund of Travel Insurance ERV
If the visa application is rejected or the guest can not travel for any reason, please contact the European Travel Insurance (ERV) in Basel. They will refund the costs according to their general insurance conditions and after deducting a processing fee.

§9 Data Protection
swiss helping point
treats all customer data confidential and uses the information solely to process orders and for its own marketing purposes. Disclosure to third parties is excluded.

§10 Warranty
The warranty is subject to the statutory provisions.

§11 Amendment of GTC
At the time of the order accepted GTC swiss helping point apply.

§12 Place of Jurisdiction
For all direct or indirect disputes arising from the contractual relationship, the jurisdiction is Bangkok / TH. The legal relationship is subject to Thai law.

§13 No Warning Without Previous Contact
If the content or the presentation of the pages swiss helping point violates the rights of third parties or legal regulations, we ask for a respective message free of charge. We guarantee that the concerned section which is subject to your rightly complain will be removed immediately, without requiring the intervention of a lawyer from your part. However, we will entirely reject all costs that were born by you without prior contact and will file a counterclaim for violation of said provisions.

§14 Copyright
The images, the layout and contents of this website are copyrighted. Without the consent swiss helping point, it is forbidden to copy pictures of this website, distribute or otherwise use them in any way. A modification, copying, use or storage of data, text or parts of text is not permitted without explicit permission of swiss helping point. swiss helping point reserves all rights.