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Marriage in Thailand

After their girl-friends / boy-friends have spent some time in Switzerland, many Swiss Citizens decide to get married in Thailand.

The main reason is certainly that they are convinced about having finally found the right one. Not to go every time through the complex and time consuming visa approval process is another important reason. Especially, since after each submission one has to expect to receive a rejection of the visa from the respective authorities.

Marriage- and Separation of Property Contract

The Swiss Helping Point offers its customers a full and complete marriage- and separation of property contract, which is written in German and Thai language (English, French and Italian on request).
This document consists of three pages and is written according Swiss law, Article 247 and following of the Swiss Civil Code (SCC).

The document has to be notarized in Switzerland, so that it becomes valid.

Marriage- and separation of property contract in German and Thai from CHF 348.-

Documents required for a Marriage in Thailand:

Swiss Citizens need all in all around 6 different original documents.
After an initial contact with us, you will get the detailed information about the required documents.
(Your documents do not need to be translated into Thai)

Your future wife also needs various original documents. In total, there may be 4 to 8 different documents required. This varies from person to person.
You will also get detailed information after a first contact with us.
(These documents have to be translated into German, French or Italian)

Since the registered marriage in Thailand has to be registered in Switzerland as well, the documents in Thai have to be translated to German, French or Italian for the Swiss authorities. After the documents of both spouses are correct and complete, the groom can submit his documents to his respective civil office in Switzerland. After submission of all the documents, it takes about 2-3 months until the "certificate of no impediment to marriage" is available at the Swiss Embassy. With that official document, the bride and the groom can apply for the "Marriage-Application" at the Swiss Embassy. This document is required to get married here in Thailand.

After the civil marriage, the bride has to go through a fixed regulatory process, which we will describe in detail to you and your wife. And of course you will be also accompanied and supported during this process. This regulatory process begins with the name change in the Tabien Baan at her local district office until to the special visa application in multiple forms at the Swiss Embassy.
The Swiss Embassy will then send the submissions to Switzerland, to officially register the marriage also with the authorities in Switzerland. The registration period usually takes 6-8 weeks. Is the marriage registered completely, the Thai wife can easily enter Switzerland.

Nach der Einreise erhält sie von der Einwohnerkontrolle die Aufenthaltsbewilligung "B", welche ein Jahr gültig ist und jedes Jahr erneuert werden muss. Mit dieser Bewilligung erhält sie auch das Recht, sich in der Schweiz eine Arbeit zu suchen.

Furthermore, it is of course up to the bride and groom, how and where they like to celebrate their marriage with the entire family. However, the local wedding reception is for the bride’s reputation of great importance. Many guests should be invited and also nine monks should not be missed. The traditional "bride price" to the parents will protect the bride's reputation, since the value of the bride influences the image of the family in the community. The amount of this "dowry" is highly dependent on the social status of the family. The training and the age of the bride play a role. Not to be forgotten is the financial ability of the husband. Of course he should not get into financial troubles before the marriage. It is recommended that the financial affairs should be settled in advance to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment on the part of the bride. In general, marriages of mixed couples are exposed to higher burden due to their different cultural background. Happiness and unhappiness are often close together. A good plan - which is approved by both before marriage - helps to prevent from situations which could lead to a separation later. Lots of patience and the will to learn the language of the partner are fundamental and important.

We are happy to support your Marriage Plan

Below our interesting offer:

Translation of the documents of your wife

- (Maximum 3 pages, further pages have to be charged separately)

Important Marriage Contract in German/French/Italian and Thai
Civil Marriage in Bangkok

Full Entry Package for your wife including:

- Visa- Administration (in multiple forms)
- Direct Flight Ticket BKK-ZRH with Swiss-/Thai Airways
- Travel Insurance of ERV for one month (provided by our agent)

Total “Marriage Package“ from CHF2‘493.-
With payment in advance: discount of CHF 100.- from CHF2‘393.-

Not included are: Airline Surcharges, VAT 7%, Fees of the Embassy